Available for Lease

8129 Main Street — Caplan’s Stone Shop

One of Waverly Real Estate Group’s newest properties is the old Caplan’s Stone Shop, an historic building that was once a companion building to Fissell’s Stone Shop.  This property has been home to many businesses over the years, including Stillridge Herb Shop.

8129 is available for lease and will be ready for occupancy around March 2019.

8181-8183 Main Street

Waverly Real Estate Group is pleased to announce that it has added the pair of buildings at 8181-8185 Main Street to the collection of properties that it manages. 

Trae Reuwer, President of Waverly Buildings, is over-seeing the repair and renovation of the properties in order to return them to retail use as soon as possible. 

Waverly is looking for new tenants to lease these prime, Main Street premises.