Sidewalks! Sidewalks! We Need Your Help With Sidewalks!

Notice anything new on Main Street this week? Around the old Post Office? Near Antonia Ramis Miguel’s marvelous mural? In front of Sweet Elizabeth Jane?

That’s right! New sidewalks! These new sidewalks are part of the County’s effort to flood-proof Main Street. The previous brick sidewalks washed completely away during the 2016 flood, and the temporary asphalt installed thereafter washed away in the 2018 flood, taking with it gas lines, water lines and sewer lines.  This added months of repair time before business could re-open.

The new sidewalks are concrete, as were many sidewalks in previous decades in town, and they are designed to withstand flood waters and keep the town safer.

The next step is to install concrete sidewalks from Hamilton Street to the bottom of Main Street, a project for which the county needs additional funds. The Howard County delegation is asking the State to fund a $250,000 bond bill to complete this work, and the delegation is asking citizens to weigh in on the funding request. 

The easiest way to let our delegation know that we support these much needed repairs is to e mail your support for this bond bill  

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