Preservation Maryland 2019 Community Choice Award Goes to Master’s Ridge and Waverly Builders for Restoration of Sweet Elizabeth Jane Facade

After the May 31, 2016 flood, the Master’s Ridge LLC owned by Joseph W. Rutter, Jr. purchased 8289 Main Street, the former home of Reedy Electric. Master’s Ridge hired Trae Reuwer of Waverly Builders and Developers, LLC to renovate the structure and restore the original, historic facade. After the renovations, Waverly OEC‘s star tenant Sweet Elizabeth Jane moved its popular boutique into building.

The restoration work done by Waverly Builders and Master’s Ridge has now been recognized by Preservation Maryland, winning one of the Preservation Maryland’s Best of 2019 Community Choice awards.

8289 Main Street has long been a marquee property in Ellicott City. It housed the first Ford dealership in town, which opened in 1921 and sold Model Ts and Model As from the showroom just inside the large front windows. The building also housed a Ford service shop on the second floor. Mechanics moved cars to the service shop by rolling them up a ramp, the outline of which is still visible on the interior walls.

The building housed the Ellicott City Ford dealership continuously from 1921 to 1960, selling and servicing every model that Ford produced during those four decades. We are so pleased that Sweet Elizabeth Jane is helping preserve the building’s legacy as an anchor business and gathering place for our town.

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