Reclaimed By You — Crafting with a Conscious — Comes to Main Street!

Waverly is thrilled to announce that a new business is coming to Main Street — Reclaimed by You.

Reclaimed by You takes transforms materials “from salvage to sparkle” and hosts crafting workshops such as sign making and furniture painting.

Reclaimed by You not only salvages and crafts, it crafts with a conscious. The business partners only with suppliers and organizations that share an eco-friendly mission and that do good works by creating socially-conscious jobs for under-served communities that need the jobs most. Some examples of Reclaimed by You’s partners are:

  • Brick + Board — a Baltimore company that salvages materials from deconstructed buildings and trains the next generation of sawyers and salvage experts. Its mission is to create “skilled, living-wage, green-collar jobs for Baltimoreans with barriers to employment.”
  • A Workshop of Our Own — another Baltimore company that describes itself as “a collaborative professional woodshop and educational space for women and gender-nonconforming furniture makers.”
  • Community Forklift — a non-profit that “turns the waste stream into a resource stream.” Its mission is reduce construction site waste by keeping reusable materials out of the landfill and re-purposing them for low-cost repair materials.

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