Waverly Real Estate Group Adds Three New Main Street Properties to Its Management List

In mid-November 2018, Waverly Real Estate Group added three new properties to the list of Ellicott City buildings that it manages.  

The buildings are 8129 Main Street, 8173 Main Street, and 8181-8185 Main Street. 

WREG hired Trae Reuwer, President of Waverly Builders, to repair and renovate the damage that the properties incurred in the May 2018 flood.  The 8173 property is now home to Southwest Connections and Silver Arrow Fudge Shop, which re-opened over the Thanksgiving weekend.

Renovations on the other two properties have begun, and 8129 Main Street will be ready for occupancy around March 2019.  

Contact your favorite Waverly Real Estate agent if you or someone you know is interested in leasing these wonderful Main Street premises.

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