Old Ellicott City Is Open for Business!

OEC Flyer_Page_1A new and revitalized Ellicott City is rising every day as we reopen established businesses and launch new exciting stores.  OEC offers second floor office space with high ceilings and an urban, warehouse feel, perfectly suited to tech and creative companies looking to attract and retain the highly skilled and socially conscious work force they need to be successful.

The demographics within a 5 mile radius of Old Ellicott City support a strong business community.  As just two examples:

  • Average household income within 1 mile of OEC is $135,160, within 2 miles is $134,580, and within 5 miles is $117,086.
  • Average sales volume in business within 5 miles exceeds $1.1 million.

For more information, see the attached flyer and contact your favorite Waverly Real Estate Group leasing agent.



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