Journey From Junk — Open for the Holidays!


Journey From Junk is back just in time for the holidays!

Here’s a message from Kelli & the Junk Girls about their new collaboration with Howard County’s only facility for children and adults living with autism, Linwood Center, Inc.

“While we have re-opened our doors, the work is far from over. Our new journey has just begun, and will be full of transformation. With this venture , we are returning to our roots – namely the “vintage chic with a hip and funky twist” that made us a favorite spot on Main Street. You will see some favorite merchandise lines, but also find some incredible furniture and extraordinary merchandise made from everyday objects, some of which were created by the clients of our new collaborating business – Linwood Center, Inc.

The mission of Linwood Center is to is to “create the possibility of extraordinary lives for children and adults living with autism and related developmental disabilities” by providing education, vocational training, personal and residential support, as well as employment opportunities. That is where we come in. Their mission melds perfectly with our dream to develop a unique, one-of-a-kind shopping experience in our Old Ellicott City home.

Every successful venture takes time, and that is where we are. The journey is far from over. We are still hiring staff, exploring product lines, and planning some fantastic classes for our clientele. Ultimately, the importance of returning our employees to work and our continued desire to be a part of our Old Ellicott City family far outweighed our need to be “perfect”.

So, come on down to our 3709 Old Columbia Pike address and say hi. While you’re there, check out our new digs and see what we are about. We’ve missed so many of you during our closure and are excited to reunite with the best customers in the world.


Kelli and the Junk Girls”

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